Heather's Online Money-Makers

These are all the businesses I promote to make money. Every little bit helps support the blog and the homestead. Yes, I sell for companies other than my own Etsy shop, with the goal being to be able to build these up so I can quit the Just Over Broke in a few years and retire a bit early to enjoy my life. At this time, ALL are free to sign up or extremely low-cost.

Homestead Crafter - where I create beautiful handmade jewelry for the everyday woman who wants to wear earrings designed for the holidays and seasons at affordable prices. Most earrings are only $15, and standard shipping in the US is free.

Heather's ebooks on Amazon's Kindle platform

Shop through me on Amazon! You don't pay more, but I do get a tiny commission.

Barefut Essential Oils - Essential oils, carrier oils, balms, and more.  Come shop for some incredible products! Free gift on orders over $15. Sign up and earn 25% commission.

Skin By Nature - Are you looking for all-natural skin-care products? Look no further, as Skin By Nature has creams, lotions, mists, scrubs, soaps, toners, and even a select choice of gift packs and kits! Join my team and earn 40% commission.

SoyL Scents - Come get some wonderful soy candles here! We have candles (including our legendary Candle CA$H and Candle Gems), melter gems, soaps, Stinker Stoppers, essential oils, scent drops, sprays, tarts, and melters. Join and earn 25% minimum commission on sales.

Elk River Soap Company - Handmade soaps, bath bombs, shower steamers, lotion bars, all made right in the Ozarks! Check often to see what is in stock! Click here to join and earn 25% commission. You WILL have to pay a minimum of $14.95 to join, or more to buy a kit. There is a quota of $30 every 90 days.

Linen World - Great products for your home, including bedding, kitchen organization and cookware, home decor, and our exclusive Woods Bedroom Collection for those who love camo! Join and earn 20% commission.

All About You - Kitchen accessories including some of the CUTEST mugs you've ever seen! Totes, cosmetic bags, and more. Great prices, too! Join for 25% commission, 15% on sister site, paid weekly. $5 to sign up.

Pine Oak Farm - Shop here for some awesome home decor, candles, gourmet foods, and more. If you support our troops, you will love our veterans decor section, too! Join as an affiliate and earn 20% commission.

Seeds Now! - All kinds of untreated, non-GMO seeds!

Do You Bake? - If you love food, and I don't know who doesn't, Do You Bake? has all kinds of yummy goodies. From beer breads to meal kits to meal subscriptions to sweet treats, there's something for everyone. There's even a gluten-free selection and yummies for your pets!

BookTrotters - Books of all kinds for readers from babies through teens. Many under $5!

Ladybug Vinyls - Shop here for incredible vinyl applications. Everything from handwriting decals, to ornaments, to car decals, name tags, customized announcements. There's even detailed instructions as to how to apply your decals so you can't mess it up. Join and earn 20% commission.

Feast Seasonings - Are you on a gluten-free, paleo, or MSG-free diet and looking for awesome seasonings to spice up your meals a bit? Look no further. All products are GMO-free and we have free shipping on every order! Small selection of great products, and you can even get yourself a sampler pack with each of our five flavors in it, so you can try them all. Click to join.

HoopSwagg - Come shop some of the coolest socks, arm sleeves, and shoelaces you will find anywhere! You will not believe the products available! We also have ties, t-shirts, and hoodies! Join and earn 10% commission.

Hayward Gourmet - Who loves popcorn? I know I do, especially gourmet popcorn! Nearly 45 flavors plus other goodies such as kernels for at-home popping, chocolates, and gift baskets. All at reasonable prices. Join this one for free, then $9.99 a month to keep the backoffice.

Twinkled T - You love nail art and nail vinyls? Come shop here for some fantastic deals! Sign up for 5% commission on sales.

Lenny and Larrys - Gluten-free cookies! I know a lot of you are on a gluten-free diet, and these cookies come in 12-pack, single-serving cookies. Several flavors available. Several discount codes are available, too! $10 off $50+ order, code: 10AMB50, $20 off $100+ order, code: 20AMB100, $40 off $200+ order, code: 40AMB200. Join and earn 10% commission.

Icon Boutique - Shop here for fashion, swimwear and more! Join and earn 8% commission

Viveltre - Gourmet marshmallows, 7-layer S'mores, gift sets, wedding and party favors. All here, all deliciously yummy. Join as an affiliate and earn 20% commission.

Fit Caffeine - Drink coffee and get fit, too. Also has reusable cups where part of your purchase supports breast cancer awareness. Join as an affiliate and earn 15% commissions.

Protein Milkshake Bar - Number 1 selling protein powder! Earn 20% commission.

Lainie Day. They have lots of different things - clothing for adults and kids, home decor, cosmetics, bath and body, essential oils, and jewelry. Costs $7.50 to join.

Truly's Natural Deodorant. Natural deodorants, essential oil candles, soaps, lip balms, and crio bru (100% ground cocoa beans for a great coffee substitute or hot drink - perfect if you are on a paleo diet!) Earn 15% commission on sales.

Baileys Boutique 4 Kids - Some of the cutest baby and little kids stuff I have seen in a while! NEW company, only about 30 or so reps right now. 20% commission, free to join, no fees, no quotas. Commission goes to 25% once you reach $750 in lifetime sales.

Anisse - Skin Care and Beauty for women and men.