Paid To Read Emails for Promoting

This is a great way to use spare time to make a little side hustle cash. It's called Paid To Read Emails, and yes, you do need to read them ... only to make sure they aren't a cheater catcher, because a number of folks use software to grab the links and "read" without actually looking at the ad being presented.

I use the earnings, whether points or cash, from these sites to promote my shop. Great way for me to get some traffic and sales! LOADS of fun, and loads of programs. These are the ones I'm using that are working for me.

NOTE: The links are referral links, so if you sign up, you'll be in my downline in the program. You earn, I earn. It's not a lot, but a little at a time adds up quick if you are busy with the things as I am. Not cashing out helps a lot, because those points especially add up fast to make for some earnings to use for members only rates for advertisements. Hee hee. Easy peasy direct traffic, and with a real business to visit, there are a LOT of people who click my ad links.

In alphabetical order, more or less...

3 Bears PTR
Precious Poms PTR

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