Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year

I may post more later if I have time, so this will be necessarily shortish. Errands have to be run, so I can come home, post freebie books to my Kindle group I run (Kindle Freebies for Homesteaders and Gardeners, if you're interested), and way more work done on the webstore. The standalone is back up and running with a lot that needs to be put into it in the way of items, I'm adding a lot of things to the Etsy shop as duplicates to the webstore as well, so loads of nice things available. Making a few sales here and there through Etsy, which is nice. I'm concentrating there on my handmade jewelry and jewelry supplies like beads, charms, findings and the like. The webstore will also have home/garden decor and holiday/seasonal decor, and arts/crafts supplies like crazy.

It's been a busy few weeks and the weather has been superb, barring a few rainstorms that led to flash flood alerts all over the place. A plan was in place to get a cabin and land for me and hubby, but I think that will go out the window. (Somewhat personal here. Skip if you like.) We are not getting along, and some things have happened the last couple of years that I won't discuss, but let's just say that these things are not conducive to a good marriage, or even a good partnership if we were just living together as a monogamous couple.

So, my New Year's Resolutions are:

Get myself a decent mid-size 4x4 or AWD pickup or SUV.
Get a small camp trailer for me and the cats and park it at a local campground.
Build the business while I do so, and save up so that ...


Off I go for now - HE is being a putz again. It's going to be ten minutes or more before he's ready to go, and he's already hollering that I need to get off here, which takes TWO. Geez, what I put up with.