Sunday, March 27, 2016

Moved and settling in

Moving was not easy. HE kept yelling and such about how this wasn't going right or that, or things were all goofy and nothing was where he wanted it. Well, he put it IN the cabin in the first place, so why didn't HE put it where HE wanted it? Tonight, the temporary shower stall went in (a camp shower stall) so there is privacy for showering and a quasi-bathroom.

Regular errands got run today, a good deal of things are set up though once HE bails (which will likely be in a year or so, the way HE is talking), I will have a good bit more space. All the clothes are put up. Why a man needs eight pairs of shorts and nearly 35 t-shirts is beyond me. HE even has, kid y'all not, at LEAST three DOZEN pairs of socks. I have a dozen t-shirts, a dozen pairs of socks, and no shorts. HE has six pairs of jeans. I have one with another soon to be ordered so I have a spare. For someone who swears HE can "downsize," HE sure kept an awful lot of stuff, including a second TV, a VCR and a bunch of VHS tapes which HE never watches.

I won't mind being alone here when the time comes. Quiet, barring the traffic sounds from the road. However, the main road being close is good, as it means I can draw in traffic for the extra garden produce and crafts sales when that time comes.

My side of the bed is well-organized. I know which totes and boxes have what in them. HIS side is a disaster. Getting over there to put away HIS laundry involved stepping over a lot of things and hoping I didn't fall.

Weather is starting to clear up. MAYBE next weekend I can start to do some planting!

In the meantime, I am still working on the baby blanket, and am done with the motifs and am on round three of eight of the border. Pretty soon, I will be finishing it off and working in all the ends so I can photograph it and put it up for sale. More things are going up in the stores, a little at a time, and lots of stuff is being promoted on my Etsy groups. As every order gets a business card for the main shop, I am hoping to draw more traffic there and to my other shops.

I am now putting things up also on Bonanza again, starting to sell on eBay (haven't sold there for years, just bought occasionally), and also on Amazon. For those interested in my links, they are:

Homestead Crafter - Main webstore
Homestead Crafter on Facebook - for the latest items in the shops
Homestead Crafter on Etsy
Bountiful Farm/Homestead Crafter on Bonanza
Homestead Crafter on Amazon
Homestead Crafter/Cross R Ranch on eBay

So I am off to watch a little Hulu, work on the stores and enjoy myself. Especially since I had two sales this past week, which is pretty good for me. Now to get MORE sales all over the place, yee-haw!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

While I have a few moments...

I will sit here and put together a quickie blog post, because tomorrow is going to be clear up and pack a bunch more stuff to go to the cabin, trash together and burnt, and plenty of work on the store as well as some relaxation time to catch up on my TV shows on Hulu. In the meantime, there are some photos to share with you!

This is the assessors plat photo of my land. The little square is approximately where the cabin is.

The cabin the day it was set up on Thursday. It is 12' x 32', so small at 384 square feet, but I can managet. I've lived in smaller, goodness knows, and not much bigger as well (400 square feet), so a tiny house is nothing. At least here I will have outside storage under the cabin if needed until I get a storage shed.

The cabin today, Saturday, now that long-term temporary cinder block stairs are in. Some lighting is in, in the form of extension cords with one end cut off and wired directly into outlet boxes for safety. The other end goes into the generator, of course, and I will use surge strips in the outlets to power what I need even more safely. Tomorrow, more things get moved (some tools and books are there already), and a porch light and some indoor lights will be installed. Insulation and paneling will happen once the move is complete. There is a long list of to-dos to do, including fencing off the garden, because apparently some neighbor has cattle that he just lets roam everywhere, including into this small section of private properties, because I found cow pies in my yard today. A full fence will go up someday, that is for certain. I do not want cattle coming along and trampling or eating my garden and trees!

Taken from the front corner of the cabin, looking back towards the creek. You can see how much clear land there is alone, never mind the creek and the bluff and the rest of the acreage above that which is my woodlot.

Finally, this is a baby blanket I am making in my sitting time (waiting in the truck to be willing to go in for work when the weather is warm, laundromat sitting, etc.), I grabbed a couple skeins of Bernat Baby Sport at the store a couple weeks ago, and this was the pattern. I still have six rows plus a couple motifs to do for the main part and then work in all the ends so I can do the border and finish it off. It is join-as-you-go, which makes it nice to work, since I do not have to keep track of a bunch of loose motifs, or sew them together later, which I hate doing anyhow. Yes, it will be for sale when it is done, and now I have the cabin porch railing to drape it over for taking sweet pictures in the sunshine!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Quick update

This is going to be extremely short, as I have to get ready for work and head in despite not feeling all that great. If I could afford to, I would completely quit right now. It is a long story, but I am tired and sore and tired of being sore.

Cabin should be delivered and set up tomorrow morning early.Will have photos this weekend.

Webstore looks funny. Decided OSCommerce is getting too clunky, so saved my data for products and such from the phpmyadmin in cpanel and massaged it a bit so I can work with it. With luck, I should be able to import it all into the new store on OpenCart, which I am working on setting up. Yay me. The Etsy shop is still open and going, but until I get the main store redone over the next few days, no new items in Etsy. Going to hurt views and sales, but no help for that.

Off to work as much as I can on the store setup before I have to pull together, clean cat boxes and head out the door. Look for photos and lots of words this weekend!