Sunday, December 18, 2016

It's been a while

And there's been so much that's happened. Hubby got sick with pneumonia and lung abscesses at Halloween, and was in hospital for a day to get a ton of antibiotics poured into him via IV. Then he was off work for two months for sick leave to recover. The stress sent my blood pressure through the roof and I spent a bit of time in hospital, too. Then he got fired the other day for something that he didn't do, which supposedly happened around two weeks before he went on sick leave. It's on appeal.

So now we're way behind on bills, having to sell and/or pawn things to get by, and hoping he get his job back or a different one FAST so we don't lose everything. The cabin's so cold with this arctic blast going through that it's barely 50 in here in the main area, and the bedroom is a little worse - no thermometer back there so I don't know and don't care, because it's cold. At least the next week or so, things will warm up a bit so the house will stay a little warmer.

Honestly, I'm scared, I'm cold, I'm beyond everything. Seems like I've hit rock-bottom just when things should have been starting to even out and look up. I can't deal any more. So what do I do?

Work on the Bonanza shop, and join a free-to-join candle/essential oil direct sales company to see if that will do me any good. You never know, since one of the lines is called "Cash Candles," and has anywhere from $1 to $100 under the lid. Goodness knows, it can't hurt and has no monthly quotas or anything. I can only hope and pray and work like crazy on everything, because I'm terrified of losing it all and ending up back in the hell that is a motel room or starter apartment, and hoping we can find one that will let us have our cats, because there is no way we are getting rid of the furkids.

With that said, do shop the Bonanza shop, though all I have there right now is Mom's stuff and jewelry, or the SoyLScents shop. Hugs and love, all - I have to finish the dishes and do some crying and some work on things. Gonna be a rough night again and back to the Just Over Broke tomorrow.

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