Saturday, March 4, 2017

There's going to be some changes around here

Assuming things work out and we get to keep our land, which I am hoping against all hope we can, things are going to get weird. Hubby is getting ready to go to trucker school, which means he'll be gone for three weeks, home for a few days, and then off driving for 3 to 3-1/2 weeks at a time and home for 3-4 days. I will have so much peace and quiet, I'll get sick of it. But it's for a good cause - he can make more money trucking than working at any of the plants here, and that will help us out tremendously.

So things are going to get weird, but in a good way. Before you ask, yes, the tears have already started on my end, and he's not even gone for probably 2-3 weeks yet. Yes, in spite of the fact that he can be a jerk at times. I already miss him. What a life.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Horrible news

We may lose our homestead.

Long story short, with Quentin having gotten sick last year and losing his job and all that's happened, we are behind on the land and cabin. Cabin people understand and are working with us. The land guy, however ... is threatening to evict us off the land for being four months behind. I tried to talk to him yesterday and his big thing is, "Trying to pay me doesn't pay the bank." Well, I hate to break the news to him, but if he tosses us off here, it still won't pay the bank.

I have a possible source of help, not guaranteed, through work, but no idea until late next week if they will help or not. I'm trying to raise some money on my own to get us back on track. If you could, share the gofundme link to help me raise at least some of what we need to get back on our feet with the land. We're working on it, but with having to get him a vehicle to get back and forth to his job (and thus quit driving my car to death), and having to put a couple tires on the car, and him having been sick for so long and then off work, and the bank mucking about with the deposited checks ("We have to hold it for five business days because even though it's a pre-printed payroll check, it might be fraudulent!"), and his job boogering up his direct deposit twice (they keep losing the paperwork), we're in a bind. I hate to beg, but if you can help even just by sharing, please do. We are in a desperate situation here and I need to come up with $300 minimum to give the land guy by tomorrow the 24th in order to get him off our backs long enough to start getting back on track.

Thanks, all. Hugs, love, and blessings. No matter what, we will be ok.

Help save our home!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just a quick note

Small happy to happen this weekend, if all goes well. We will get hubby a truck for him again. Being on a homestead without a truck the last couple months has been h**l. I am so tired of riding to work with a buddy and hubby being tired a lot because of coming in to work to pick me up as soon as he gets up, so we can come home, I fix a hot meal, and he eats and heads to his job.

What this will also mean is he could one again make a bit of extra money scrapping metal, hauling wood and so forth. It also means I will have a bit more time in the mornings to promote all my money-making opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and work on the Etsy shop. This girl is not going to let grass grow under her feet, no sirree!

It also means being able to finally start really cracking down on getting the land and cabin caught up and getting a small solar system from Harbor Freight to run the bedroom/entertainment stuff. That 45-watt system and a few batteries will run us pretty good for a couple laptops, a light, the modem and router. This will seriously limit our dependence on the generator for everything, and will mean a lot less gas and oil used for it, since the fridge is the main reason we need it once the solar system is going. Well, until we get a honking big system going, lol. The fridge is newer and keeps things cold/frozen for days, so we'll be able to run the gennie only when the weather is bad or for a few hours at night to cool the fridge back down good. That will be nice. Getting up in the morning and just flip on the light switch to have light in the bedroom and no gennie running will be awesome and a bit more normal than things have been for a long time.

Hugs and love all, I have to do a few small chores and get ready for work!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Been a while!

I know, I've been a horrible blogger lately. Things have been a bit crazy these last weeks, and I just haven't had the oomph to do much of anything.

January was really rough, with hubby having just lost his job at Tysons through no real fault of his own. They tend to be extremely hypocritical when firing people for certain things that the supervisors get away with all the time. It's a good part of why I'm working the businesses so hard so that I can get income enough going to get out of there. There are other reasons, as well, but that's a big part of it. I just don't fit well within corporate culture like that. I can fake it pretty good, but overall, I'm miserable.

Now, hubby did find another job fairly quickly, but that only lasted a week. One of the supervisors took a dislike to him from the start and came up with an excuse to let hubby go. So that didn't last. I told hubby no choice, he was going to have to go back to Butterball, like it or not. So we put in his app and they called him the next day and had him in the same day for an interview. He started a few weeks ago and things are going okay. We are about halfway to the downpayment to get him his own vehicle again.

Didn't we have two vehicles? Yep, but the pickup developed a lot of issues and the old guy we were buying it from decided that hubby being sick and off work didn't mean squat no matter the gentleman's agreement we had about paying on it as we could until hubby was back to steady work, and wanted to repo it. So we let it go. I'm riding to work with a friend right now and hubby picks me up. Not ideal, but we make it work. A few more weeks and we should have a second vehicle again.

So things are starting to come back together, a little at a time.

I'm also working heavily on my Etsy shop and my affiliate programs that I'm with in order to make more money. I may have to make a second blog just for that stuff, but I'm going to try to just do a page here of all the banners for the various companies and see what happens along with all the promoting I do on various Facebook groups.

Off for now - lots to do and not a lot of time to work on things. Hugs and love, all.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year and news

Well, it's been an interesting couple of weeks.

As many of you know, hubby got fired from his job for something he didn't do, but which many others at the plant DO do - supposedly swearing on company property. He wasn't even clocked in. Mind, this supposedly happened over a week before he went on sick leave, and Tysons never holds off on discipline for line weenies EVER. So then it gets weirder. They were "still investigating" when he went on sick leave, let him come back for a day, suspended him the next day, then fired him when he came back, right before Christmas. He asked for peer review, which was a JOKE.

Let me ask y'all. Who are your peers at work? If you answered, "The people I work with," score yourself a genius! Apparently, Tyson feels that COLLEAGUE review is the same as peer review. His didn't have a single production worker there. It was supervisors, a nurse, and front office. That is NOT peer review. So of course, they upheld firing him. Thankfully, he'd already begun the process of looking for another job just in case that did happen, so when he got a call from one of the temp agencies, he went and did all the goodies, and now he starts Tuesday at a local plant in Harrison. Third shift cleanup, but at least it's a job, and from what I understand, their third shift is Tyson's second shift.

So that's the good news on that. Other news ...

In addition to the Bonanza shop, which is doing ok, I'm also now an affiliate with a few programs that are the kinds of things I like to sell anyhow. If you're interested in any of these yourself, let me know and I'll help you get signed up. All-natural products, too!

That is for SoyL Scents. Two of the products I'm especially proud of with this one are the Candle Gems (jewelry in the candle jar, right under the lid!) and Candle CA$H (candles with money under the lid, anywhere from $1 to $100 is possible!). If you want to sign up for that one to sell yourself, click the Join My Team link. If you want to explore before signing up, right-cick and open in a new window. Otherwise, the Join My Team doesn't work right for some odd reason. This one is free to join, no quotas, no fees, no kits, nothing.

For this one, Elk River Soaps, if you just want to shop or look at the products, use this link:

Elk River Soap with Heather

If you want to sign up with them, use this link:

Heather's Elk River Affiliate Link

Elk River Soaps are all-natural, made in Missouri, and great products. Soaps, bath bombs, fizzy bath salts. They are adding new products soon - I think lotion bars and lip balms, but don't hold me to that. This one is currently free for another couple weeks, then they will be adding a low quota for every six months and will have kits if you want them. No website fees. Join now while they are still free.

Skin By Nature is all-natural products, mostly lotions and creams, with a few other things in there. Extremely good stuff. Free to join, no quotas, no fees.

Skin By Nature with Heather

Last but not least is Barefut Essential Oils. Essential oils, carrier oils, diffusers and balms. They also send along a free stress relief balm and Peppermint EO with every order over $15. Again, free to join, no fees, no quotas.

Found a wood stove for the cabin. Have to get a downpayment made on it once hubby is getting checks again ... would be ours in 30 days. The same place also has a 8250 Storm Responder generator we would check into once the wood stove was ours and here.

Spent most of today cleaning house and looking for our marriage certificate, because even though Tysons HAS it already in both files, apparently  they need a brand new copy to stick him on my insurance since he got canned. We cannot find it, which finding it was the reason for doing the house cleaning in the first place. It is NOWHERE and we have gone through every tote and box TWICE at a minimum. Every drawer. Nothing. Bupkis. Buggeration. Have to contact the recorder's office in Taney County, MO to find out about ordering a new one online and getting it sent here. Aggravation time, come on! NOT!

Overall, it's not too bad. Things could be a lot better, especially since we are way behind on the payments for the cabin and land. Now that he's back to work for the first time regular in 2 1/2 months, things should start to get back on track so we don't lose everything we've worked so hard for these last months.

I even got him to join me in burying my dollar on New Year's Eve. For those who don't know what that is, you take a dollar and put it in a baggie of some kind to protect it. On NYE, just before midnight, you bury it. In the yard, a flower pot, any dirt you've got available. When you cover it up, you say, "I am burying my poverty." The morning of New Year's Day, you dig it up, saying, "I am uncovering my prosperity." I have a friend in Illinois who has done this the last several years, and each year, she has gotten some kind of windfall. One year, her and her husband had a big bill of nearly $1000, and their windfall from the dollar was exactly the amount they needed to the penny. The only thing is, you cannot yourself spend that dollar. You can put it away, you can save it, you can give it away, whatever. You just can't spend it or you break the spell. It's silly but what the heck. If it works, I could use the financial help right now!

So that's what's going on around here. I'll post again when I can, and if I can figure out why my computer camera hates me, or have time when it's private to do a quick video on the phone, I'll do a bit of an update from here. Hugs and love!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

It's been a while

And there's been so much that's happened. Hubby got sick with pneumonia and lung abscesses at Halloween, and was in hospital for a day to get a ton of antibiotics poured into him via IV. Then he was off work for two months for sick leave to recover. The stress sent my blood pressure through the roof and I spent a bit of time in hospital, too. Then he got fired the other day for something that he didn't do, which supposedly happened around two weeks before he went on sick leave. It's on appeal.

So now we're way behind on bills, having to sell and/or pawn things to get by, and hoping he get his job back or a different one FAST so we don't lose everything. The cabin's so cold with this arctic blast going through that it's barely 50 in here in the main area, and the bedroom is a little worse - no thermometer back there so I don't know and don't care, because it's cold. At least the next week or so, things will warm up a bit so the house will stay a little warmer.

Honestly, I'm scared, I'm cold, I'm beyond everything. Seems like I've hit rock-bottom just when things should have been starting to even out and look up. I can't deal any more. So what do I do?

Work on the Bonanza shop, and join a free-to-join candle/essential oil direct sales company to see if that will do me any good. You never know, since one of the lines is called "Cash Candles," and has anywhere from $1 to $100 under the lid. Goodness knows, it can't hurt and has no monthly quotas or anything. I can only hope and pray and work like crazy on everything, because I'm terrified of losing it all and ending up back in the hell that is a motel room or starter apartment, and hoping we can find one that will let us have our cats, because there is no way we are getting rid of the furkids.

With that said, do shop the Bonanza shop, though all I have there right now is Mom's stuff and jewelry, or the SoyLScents shop. Hugs and love, all - I have to finish the dishes and do some crying and some work on things. Gonna be a rough night again and back to the Just Over Broke tomorrow.

Shop with me on Bonanza!


Shop with me on SoyLScents

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Easy Sunday morning

Not a lot of chores to do on the homestead today, thank goodness. I'd like to work on the shops and relax for a bit before I have to go back to work tomorrow at the Just Over Broke! What do I have to do?

Trash needs to be pulled together and gotten out so it can be burnt.
Cat box needs cleaning.
Sweep the floor.
Laundry sorted out and put up.
Dishes done.
Have to pull out something for dinner later.
and I have to fix the left cuff on my sweater because the seam end is coming apart.

All in all, a relaxing day mostly. Thank goodness.

His big chore this week is finally getting the plastic up on the inside of the roof to prevent any drips from where a few screws went through the plywood when they put the roof on. No biggie, but something for him to do while I am at work and out from underfoot and he is still on sick leave.