Monday, December 18, 2017

A final post

It's been a grand run, but it's over. Due to circumstances beyond my control, mainly my husband having a midlife crisis and leaving me for a much younger woman, and leaving me/us nearly $3000 behind on the land and cabin payments, I will be losing my homestead in another few weeks to a couple of months at most.

I'll miss the place. It's been happy for the most part. I had so many plans and hopes and dreams that will now never come to fruition. It's kind of sad but kind of a relief also. Most likely, I will end up in a small house or apartment on-grid (ugh), as I simply can not get things going again by myself and keep them up. Most if not all of the cats will have to be rehomed, which really breaks my heart.

My trust in people has been shattered, my dignity and self-respect are pretty bruised, but I will come out on top. He's taken everything from me to where I have nothing to lose but a few things like the gennie and internet, which will be a minor inconvenience rather than a major headache. I'm at rock bottom and all I can do is claw my way back up.

Divorce is in the works down the road. He refuses to reconcile thinking I want him to be a sycophant to me. What I want is my husband to BE my husband and the head of the household like he used to be and hasn't been in a long time. I'm tired of doing it all, being it all. He doesn't believe me, and that smarts.

So thanks for all the memories. It's been loads of fun and I can't imagine having missed the ride for the world. Good luck to my fellow homesteaders on their places. May all your homesteading dreams come true.