Monday, July 24, 2017

July 23, 2017

Thought the fridge was busted after I washed it out earlier today. Turns out the darn thing was just off for too long and had somehow moved too close to the wall. Add in all the stuff we threw out and burned in the burn barrel and you get a pretty empty fridge with no room for air circulation behind it.

Once hubby moved the thing out a mere INCH from the wall, poof - cold freaking air in the thing in mere moments, and the outside started cooling off, too. I was getting a bit worried when the outside was getting rather warm, and we both were certain we were going to need a new fridge and quick, which, of course, we can't afford since we're just getting back on our feet financially.

But the fridge did need to be washed ... OMG. Since the temp control got bumped a bit ago and we didn't notice right off, the thing was leaving stuff warm. Couldn't figure it out for a few days, so we lost some stuff, but since most of our stuff in the summer is non-perishable and what will go bad we get fresh and use in a day or so, because of the heat and our power coming only from the gennie right now, we got off lucky. Lost a bit of raw chicken, some eggs, and a bit of sausage, and a couple of his frozen meal things. Oh yeah and a couple bottles of dairy-based salad dressings that we hardly use anyhow.

Going to start shopping amazon for those little packets of things like ketchup, mayo, and the like, because even if it's a pain to open a bunch of them, it's safer in the warmer weather since nobody's home that much. I need to find my butter bells for butter and cheese. Also as it's warm weather, we don't get much in the way of fresh meat, we do a lot of canned. Also need to find a pressure canner...again, likely amazon. It's where I got my last one, which is in Mom's basement, and which likely is no good after eight years, lol. It's sad that I forgot it when I came to Arkansas, but I honestly didn't expect it to be more than a mini-vacation with a bit of job-hunting for fun. Never expected to actually get a job, let alone everything else that's happened down here!

Think I may have to start doing things like canned hash again as midweek dinner, plus do things like chicken and tuna salad for lunches - just enough to use up that day and call it done for that batch.

The shop is climbing nicely in number of items ... I'm aiming to hit my fee threshold on or just after Thursday this month of $25 so I can go to the next higher threshold of $50 for the automatic payment of fees. The more items I can cram in the store without having to worry about fees, the better. I've been wanting to do it for ages, but with him sick and out of work, it was temporarily impossible. Now it's not, so I can do a bit of expanding, which should help with more sales!

Add in the new lack of restrictions on what you can list on Pattern only, and I have me a BUSINESS growing!