Sunday, February 12, 2017

Been a while!

I know, I've been a horrible blogger lately. Things have been a bit crazy these last weeks, and I just haven't had the oomph to do much of anything.

January was really rough, with hubby having just lost his job at Tysons through no real fault of his own. They tend to be extremely hypocritical when firing people for certain things that the supervisors get away with all the time. It's a good part of why I'm working the businesses so hard so that I can get income enough going to get out of there. There are other reasons, as well, but that's a big part of it. I just don't fit well within corporate culture like that. I can fake it pretty good, but overall, I'm miserable.

Now, hubby did find another job fairly quickly, but that only lasted a week. One of the supervisors took a dislike to him from the start and came up with an excuse to let hubby go. So that didn't last. I told hubby no choice, he was going to have to go back to Butterball, like it or not. So we put in his app and they called him the next day and had him in the same day for an interview. He started a few weeks ago and things are going okay. We are about halfway to the downpayment to get him his own vehicle again.

Didn't we have two vehicles? Yep, but the pickup developed a lot of issues and the old guy we were buying it from decided that hubby being sick and off work didn't mean squat no matter the gentleman's agreement we had about paying on it as we could until hubby was back to steady work, and wanted to repo it. So we let it go. I'm riding to work with a friend right now and hubby picks me up. Not ideal, but we make it work. A few more weeks and we should have a second vehicle again.

So things are starting to come back together, a little at a time.

I'm also working heavily on my Etsy shop and my affiliate programs that I'm with in order to make more money. I may have to make a second blog just for that stuff, but I'm going to try to just do a page here of all the banners for the various companies and see what happens along with all the promoting I do on various Facebook groups.

Off for now - lots to do and not a lot of time to work on things. Hugs and love, all.