Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just a quick note

Small happy to happen this weekend, if all goes well. We will get hubby a truck for him again. Being on a homestead without a truck the last couple months has been h**l. I am so tired of riding to work with a buddy and hubby being tired a lot because of coming in to work to pick me up as soon as he gets up, so we can come home, I fix a hot meal, and he eats and heads to his job.

What this will also mean is he could one again make a bit of extra money scrapping metal, hauling wood and so forth. It also means I will have a bit more time in the mornings to promote all my money-making opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and work on the Etsy shop. This girl is not going to let grass grow under her feet, no sirree!

It also means being able to finally start really cracking down on getting the land and cabin caught up and getting a small solar system from Harbor Freight to run the bedroom/entertainment stuff. That 45-watt system and a few batteries will run us pretty good for a couple laptops, a light, the modem and router. This will seriously limit our dependence on the generator for everything, and will mean a lot less gas and oil used for it, since the fridge is the main reason we need it once the solar system is going. Well, until we get a honking big system going, lol. The fridge is newer and keeps things cold/frozen for days, so we'll be able to run the gennie only when the weather is bad or for a few hours at night to cool the fridge back down good. That will be nice. Getting up in the morning and just flip on the light switch to have light in the bedroom and no gennie running will be awesome and a bit more normal than things have been for a long time.

Hugs and love all, I have to do a few small chores and get ready for work!